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Inspire, Motivate, Communicate & Grow

Team Building Events

including indoor, outdoor, incentive events, experiential activities, technology based hunts, virtual and hybrid, physical, intellectual and extreme challenges.

Defining Goals

Plan the programme. Aim for the target. Deliver results. Build morale. Create team culture.

Team Building Culture Attributes

Fair, Trustworthy,  Adaptable, Results Oriented Teamwork

Team Building Goal Definitions

Develop skills and milestones to work towards together 


Team Building Program Designs

Activities that  focus solely on your objectives and improve performance 

Team Building Events & Incentives

Fun-filled educational events and experiences with a serious purpose 

Team Building Results & Feedback

Increase motivation and improve productivity with positive evaluations 

What Team Building should be?

Team building will advance productivity, motivate and encourage employees, increase collaborative efforts, encourage creativity, build relationships and improve communication with positive reinforcements. 

Team building should create stronger relationships between employees.  It helps teammates discover how they can work better in their team and with other members of the organization. It includes detailed activities and exercises structured to develop individuals and events that will help them interact well with others which in turn increases their productivity and the productivity of the organization.

Why we are different?

Now, more than ever before we all need to deliver great results and  increase productivity.

At Team Building Me, we discuss requirements with team leaders and members to understand the exact attributes we need to focus on. Our events are tailored to address those hurdles and instill team culture.  Our focus is only on the items that are of utmost importance and we build programs and bespoke packages to address these issues, thereby propelling success.

What is The Process?

We start from the very beginning by hosting a management session to familiarise our team with the obstacles ahead. This will allow us to confirm the attributes we will work towards together.

We then build a custom package where we concentrate on overcoming these hurdles and obstacles. We develop a program of team building activities and focus on what matters most.

After executing a comprehensive program of activities, we will provide a detailed report evaluating the events and progress outlining a road forward for further success.

1. Define the goal of your Team Building.

We start at the beginning. Meet and explore any underlying issues that you feel you want to address and then decide what needs to be enhanced.

We host a management session to build a hypothesis, which team and/or  attributes you think matter most to improve your team culture. What do you want delivered.

Focus on what matters most.

2. Discuss and confirm the attributes to develop.

Meet the team, this can be a one on one discussion or within the group.

We meet team leaders and team members, discuss any obstacles and confirm the attributes we will work on together.

3. Draft and design a program of activities.

After meeting with all relevant parties, we then meet with management to discuss our findings and results.

At this point we draft and design a program of team building activities.

4. Deliver a full program of events and activities.

After deciding on the full team building program we then get to work on putting together the events and execute a number of successful educational yet fun-filled activity days over a number of weeks or months.

During this time we keep the focus on what matters most and what our goals are. 


5. Findings, results and review.

Based on the program activities and events over the course of the planned period, we present a report detailing what happened, how we developed and enhanced your team and what can work for the future.

Your team will be more dynamic and you will see results on a daily basis. You will see this through simple interactions and a growth in sales and productiivty. 

6. Evaluation for the future.

The final step is how to make things better for the future, what changes and developments to implement to strive for success and maximise productivity. 

We are here every step of the way to enhance and drive your team through successful team building activities and experiences.

We are here to coach for success  for start to finish. 

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About Us

In running an organization, building a team is more crucial than ever before. As a business owner or a team lead, we understand how difficult it can be to coordinate a group of individuals, instill  specific attributes and get them to work towards a particular goal. What about having the best partner to increase the productivity of your staff?

At Team Building Me, we’ve been working closely with companies and building events for 20 years, we discuss with the management of the organization, team leaders and team members to discover the specific problem that needs a solution. We tailor our team-building activities, challenges, and events that will deliver high-value impact and tackle these specific obstacles.

We’ve delivered many successful events and our partners have achieved significant success through their encounter with us.

At Team Building Me, we work with advanced technology to enhance your events and team building experiences 

We are the exceptional support team you need to strategize and plan your team building events. We reliably execute plans and assist you in focusing on what matters most.

We are passionate, energized, and intensely client-focused.

We also deliver high-end corporate events, consumer activations, experiential events, brand experiences, theme occasions plus touring and traveling exhibitions.

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