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Boosting morale, motivation and productivity.

Activities & Communication

Innovative, creative, fun and educational team building activities to enhance communication 

Games & Challenges

Activate individuals to inspire and motivate them to achieve their highest level of success

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to YOUR NEW TEAM

The road to success. One off exercises and team challenges do help but they are not a shortcut for a successful team that will deliver high impact results. What we do is motivate your people to work together, develop the strengths of the team and encourage collaboration.

Get to know your people, work toward common goals small or large, develop team and individual skills and connect with everyone, both in the office or virtual team members. 

The optimum ratio for training people for complete success and effective learning

The 70:20:10 ratio of learning

70% practical daily experience through challenges and tasks

20% exposure in person or online

10% formal learning including courses

Build A Nation

Rule your own country, create alliances, develop assets, develop networks, negotiate with other nations. Can you prosper?


The Movie Makers

Produce an award winning movie. Recreate a classic or script your own. You’ll need a producer, director, actors, costume, make-up… 


It’s A Knockout Challenge

Teams compete in crazy games and knockout challenges ideally in absurd costumes and over unforgiving territories

The Krypton Factor

Test the phases of the Krypton Factor, reflex speed, mental agility, physical ability, observation, general knowledge and intelligence

These are a small selection of our team building activities.

Soapbox Challenge

Build your cart and take it down the obstacle course through tight corners, bumps and humps. Can you get it to the end in record time?

Murder Mystery CSi

Find the murderer in the group! The CEO is found murdered and someone in the office is responsible. Work together to find out who it is…

E-Fat Bikes

Compete in a desert cross or grand prix challenge. Teams relay so everyone must give it their best. We like to add obstacles & costumes!

Traditional Team Fun

Sometimes the old ones are the best. Test your scavenger skills, ability to learn a new skill, trivia knowledge or even your air-guitar performance.

What Is Team Building?
Who is it for?

Team building is for every organisation interested in being an industry market leader. Team building has been proven to increase the productivity of your team by maximising their potential. Atmosphere, culture and a comfortable environmet are crucial aspects of team success. Through our team building events we train to maximise potential and motivate the team resulting in increased productivity.

1. Anybody thats wants to get to know their team.

Attending a social gathering has always been great for creating social environments and getting people within the office to mix and mingle. We think we have moved away from a BBQ with drinks or dinner and drinks. We offer a return on your investment instead of a night on the town with nothing but a hangover or embarrassing video to show for it.

Your team is created from a bunch of people with a variety of needs, ambitions and personalities. To build success it is vital to get to know them and help them get to know each other. Engaging in fun yet development activities is by far the most successful way to build a happy, communicative and trusting team.

Research has proven that sharing aspects of your personal life increases your likeability as it shows empathy, compassion and authenticity.

2. Anybody that wants to work towards a common goal.

Unite your team by inspiring them to get behind a shared vision. Clear goals with an identified and shared destination will prevent frustrating and ineffective teams. Everybody should pull in the same direction.

Develop a team’s purpose through written definitions and communicating frequently with people you know, trust and understand. How do we build this within a company? The answer is effective team building and proper team activity programmes through our team of experts. We strategies with you to bring your team together and focus.

3. Anybody that wants to develop a strong team

A strong team is a team with the right skills, competencies and attitude to achieve your designated goals. We create a matrix to audit team members abilities and investigate training needs. After the programme of team building challenges it will be far easier to match specific skills and roles to individuals.

Developing your team in this way, matching stronger skills and talents to their best suited roles will achieve more, strive in business, motivate individuals and result in a far higher success rate.

4. Anybody that is working remotely or virtually. Connect your virtual team.

More and more people are now working from home or remotely from one place or another. This creates challenges in building rapport and bonding with your team. Additional challenges are, maybe you rarely meet face to face and becoming more common, particularly in the Middle East, is cultural differences and even time zones. How can you create team building activities when this in itself is a big challenge.

You don’t want the team members to feel isolated so they most likely welcome opportunities for socialising and interacting with their colleagues. We do prefer meeting face to face and in person activities but we can offer some virtual team building activities in particularly challenging circumstances.

It’s possible to build activities and strategies for remote team building given the range of online tools and activities that and now available. Regular and effective communication with virtual members does help however the key to developing a successful and effective team is more in how they communicate and interact rather than the technology they use therefore there really is no substitute for on site, in person team building activities.

5. Anybody that feels their team needs a boost.

Would your team benefit from a boost in energy, communication, problem solving, strategic thinking, decision making, negotiating, persuasion or leadership exercises then team building an with creativity and identifying goals are the way forward.  

Turn problems into opportunities, develop more leaders and a skilled workforce. Drive innovation and encourage people to develop their own powers of persuasion, negotiation and communication. This is who team building is for and what it can do for you.

The Results

Positivity! The positive outcomes of team building are fruitful and endless. Through successful team building activities and challenges we engage the brain in a more fun and entertaining environment which creates a constructive association. This motivates and encourages employees and your team to work towards their goals in an upbeat manner. Positive team, positive attitude and positive results.

Improved productivity. The result we aim for is to bring about a marked improvement in productivity whether our goal is sales, communication, a higher level of engagement or simply to create a more relaxed environment. Team building increases collaborative efforts, brings out the best of creativity, improves communication and demonstrates appreciation and recognition of employee efforts.  

Some Quotes From Testimonials We Liked

“company events that serve an amazing purpose with reliable execution, monitored and measured results, a strategy from day one and they exceeded expectations .”

“targeted goals and metrics to assist our company achieve the highest level of success through fun and educational team challenges and activities.”

“delivered high value impact events across a varied program. Our favourite boutique team building company who we found to be intensely client focused.”

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Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

Everyone deserves a little celebration.


Now more than ever team building is vital to build successful bussinesses but don’t forget to reward all hard work. Team building is the same, groups will challenge each other, they will drive each other forward, they will meet tasks you may never have expected so the aftermath is as important. Each member needs to feel valued. 

Throughout many of our challenges we have extended evening activities with a more relaxed environment where a little chill time, after a tough day, is needed. This can be as simple as a BBQ after It’s a knockout or an awards ceremony after making a movie. Your very own Grammy’s! We edit the days activites and present the fun on screen. There are many possibilities and it really highlights the fun and capabilities of everyone involved. Whetgher it’s one great of weeks of a programme of activities, there is no better way to finalise the activites. 

We are here to assist across all of the event elements from the venue to the awards from start to finish. 

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Team Path Today!